Our Process

Samson Wealth Management Group believes a sound investment plan provides the foundation for achieving your financial goals. 

  1. Personal Interview. We will meet with you and others you deem appropriate to obtain the background data needed to develop your investment plan. We will explore your investment time frame, risk tolerance, and goals, and devise a customized plan based on your entire financial picture.
  2. Presentation of Your Investment Plan. Your investment plan will address both short and long-term financial goals developed during the personal interview. In addition, we will discuss fees and answer any questions or concerns you may have. The investment plan will be geared towards helping you reach your financial goals.
  3. Executing the Plan. Using our knowledge and experience, we will implement the appropriate investment strategies to help meet your investment goals. The foundation for your financial future will then be in place.
  4. Meeting to review the Portfolio. Once the investment plan has been implemented, meeting is essential. For this reason, we encourage face-to-face portfolio reviews. Statements will also be provided to update you regarding your investment progress. In addition, daily online access to account information is available.